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“When people feel an emotional connection to customers, they are more likely to act. What Voxpopme is doing is the ability to create empathy and inspire action.”

Raj Sivasubramanian

Voice of Customer Program Manager, Airbnb


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Learn How to use AI in research

We’ll show you AI’s growing role in market research and teach you how AI can reduce your costs, accelerate time-to-insights, and deliver insights at the quality you expect.



Hands-on walkthrough of AI tools

Experience AI-powered qualitative research tools in action. Leave the workshop knowing how to use them.

Let Voxpopme be your on-demand research team. We’ll discuss how you can work with Voxpopme Services to design, launch, and conclude AI-assisted research projects. 

Turn Voxpopme into your on-demand research team


The Problem

Demand for your research is growing, but your team isn't.
So it’s getting harder to deliver rich insights on time and on budget. 



Are workshops online or in-person?

We can do both. Typically, our sessions are online to enable your team to attend remotely, but we love delivering sessions in person, so let’s chat if that’s your jam!

Are the sessions for teams or individuals?

These sessions work best for teams, but we welcome individual session requests, too.

How long should I allow for a session?

Allow 45 minutes, depending on the size of your team to cover the core topics and make time for Q&A.

When can I book my session?

Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you request your session, we’ll reach out for a short chat to build a session that meets your needs at a time that suits you and your team.

Who will run our session?

You will be coached by Voxpopme’s team of research technology experts. Portions of the workshop are interactive.

Can I build this into my company's events?

Yes, we’ve delivered these workshops as part of broader online and in-person innovation days. Contact us to schedule one of our AI experts to present at your event.

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