This guide is intended for those who are relatively new to qualitative marketing research.

How to Write a Discussion Guide for In-depth Interviews or Focus Groups



This ebook is your friendly guide on crafting discussion guides for qualitative research. It walks you through setting up engaging interviews and focus groups, from pinpointing your goals to asking the right open-ended questions.

It’s packed with tips on keeping conversations flowing and includes templates to make sure you cover all the bases without missing the chance for those unexpected, golden insights. Perfect for those ready to dive deeper into the minds of their audience.

What you'll get:


Guides on Structuring Conversations: 

Guides on Structuring Conversations: Offers step-by-step instructions for setting up your discussion to keep it focused yet flexible, ensuring a natural flow.

Comes with practical templates and examples to help you design your own discussion guide, making it easier to cover all necessary topics while allowing space for spontaneous insights.

Includes Helpful Templates:

Teaches how to create clear, open-ended questions that encourage detailed and thoughtful responses from participants.

Crafting Effective Questions: 

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NOTE: You can generate questions for your next interview session with our AI-powered discussion guide generator free tool. It gives you a strong head-start in seconds.

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