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The Future of Qualitative Insights 

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Instant sharing 

Shared  instant insights  to create company-wide customer empathy.

Discover key findings with AI

Microsoft generated insights from  600 videos  in minutes.

"Integrating AI & OpenAI ChatGPT with Voxpopme's platform empowers insights teams, including Microsoft's, to analyze qualitative data with astonishing speed. With a 60X faster analysis process and a staggering 97% reduction in time spent, this integration revolutionizes research."

Romani Patel, Sr. Manager of Research and Insights

Rapid survey 

AI-generated survey questions  in seconds  
using natural language.


Deeper insights 

Uncovered deeper insights with the help of  smart prompts  and the flexibility to ask their own questions via interactive chat.

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The result for Microsoft

AI-Powered Video Research

Microsoft fast-tracked qualitative research with AI-assisted survey generation, analysis and sharing capabilities in Voxpopme in four steps...

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